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Heavenly Dance has a history going back to 1998 when Dansinn was founded, and 2001 when Heavenly was founded.  Later these two leading dance studios merged. Since the merger of DansinnHeavenly, or Heavenly as we refer to ourselves, it has been the leading organization of Ballroom and Latin instruction and dance development in Hong Kong.

Through strive for excellence, quality and innovation we are at the forefront of dance education and learning in Hong Kong. Heavenly continues to grow its reputation within the dance industry both locally and around the World.

In 2021 we are refining our operational model to better meet the many exciting opportunities in Asia.  This adjustment is designed to bring more value and flexibility both to our instructors and students.  In addition, it will expand the reach of our world-class teachers and bring the benefits of dance to ever more people. 

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Testimonials from our Advocates

I love to dance and take lessons in HeavenlyDance
The size of the studio and the environment is perfect for a dance lover like myself. The people there are all very friendly, and we are well taken care of! 
The studio is managed in a very professional manner.
Heavenly provides me with the highest quality teachers from all over the World.
Aliena Chu
I have been a dance lover for many years, and have enjoyed many years training with some of the best dancers and Teachers from all over the World. 
HeavenlyDance provides me with all the perfect elements to enjoy my dancing and strive for my personal goals.
I am their biggest supporter!
Hsieh Ling Ling

Heavenly – like its namesake, is heaven for all who love dancing. We were introduced to this amazing place about ten years ago, it has become our most favorite playground ever since.

This is the studio with the best teachers in the world. They are all world class dancers, passionate and knowledgeable.

Stephen & Nora Ku


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